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  • Product Overview: Our Disposable Syringe includes 2-part Syringe, 3-part Syringe, AD syringe and Safety Syringe, which are made by high quality mould to assure the quality.
  • Product Overview: The Insulin Syringe consists of Barrel, Plunger, Gasket, Cannula, Cap and Bottom Cap. the Cannula size has 29g 30g and 31g.
  • Product Overview: AgmdMed Needle includes Hypodermic Needle, Spinal Needle, Dental Needle, etc. the Needles are made by automatic assembly machine with accurate inspection system to ensure the needle at high quality to our customers.
  • Product Overview: The Pregnancy Test Kit is for the rapid detection of human chorionic gonadotropin(HCG) in urine(or serum/urine) specimens. A variety of design and models are supplied to meet different usages, either self-testing or clinical use.
  • Product Overview: We are supplying high quality glove, such as Surgical Glove, Latex Exam Glove, PE glove, Vinyl Glove, etc.
  • Product Overview: Infrared Thermometer which can help us to test human body temperature with non-contact, it can help to anti Abola Virus.
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