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Disposable Syringe Manufacture Plant

Disposable Syringe Manufacture Plant consists of Syringe Assembly Machine, Barrel Printing Machine, etc. In our Syringe plant we can supply you the good quality machines to ensure you have a more effective producing, comparing with other syringe manufacturers you can see the difference. Our Syringe assembly machine is used for 2 par and 3 part Syringe, AD syringe, Insulin Syringe and Safety Syringe, etc.

The syringe assembly machine is used for barrel, plunger, gasket, with or without needle needle are available.

If you choose our Assembly machines we can send our engineer to your plant, no matter where is your factory, we will offer you all the technicals which required for running the machine to work properly. Also we can offer you afer sale service to make sure your machines are working without any problem.

We have a good team to help our company to improve the machine, like to improve the running speed, to save the cost in assembling. also we are trying to save the labour in running the machine.

If you have any enquiry or question, please feel free to contact us at any time, you will feel our experience in machines and hospitality to you.

AgmdMed is here waiting for your contacting or sending us mail we will contact you back immediately.