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Disposable Infusion Set Plant

Disposable Infusion Set product is consisting of many parts, including the Spike, Drip Chamfer, Regulator, Ball, Connector, Cap, Latex Bulb, etc. It means to assembly the product in whole set, requiring different machines.

Our Infusion Set assembly machine has different type, some can assembly two or three part of the infusion set, such as the assembly machine for Latex Bulb and Connector, the assembly machine for Spike and Cap, assembly machine for Regulator and Ball, etc. Our great team in company is always working on how to improve the producing effectivity, to save the labor, power, cost. Now we are having some machines which can assembly most part of the infusion set, like Spike, Drip Chamfer, Connector, Bulb, Tube, etc. with this mahine you just need have a small clean room, it can stand for several old machines to work more effective.
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